NAME CHANGE-> Albinson to Nelson!!

In 2016 I got married to the most amazing man, and a year later I have finally put my ducks in a row and changed my name and with that my contact info as well. 

There are a lot of Sarahs in the world so I have switched from a '.com' to a '.art'.

I hope this helps to eliminate any confusion you may have! Feel free to contact me with any questions. 


Excited to announce my solo exhibition with the Natural Heritage Project!


Artwork by: Sarah (Albinson)   Nelson

Hosted by: Farm Table Foundation

On Display: October 31st, 2017 - February 27th, 2018

RECEPTION:  November 10th, 2017 from 6 to 9 pm


I am pleased to announce my partnership with RIOT ART ! 

Riot is an online gallery based out of Paris, France, that is marketing to a new generation of collectors. They feature and sell work to contemporary collectors, and organize and participate in pop up shows world wide! 

They are currently selling and featuring my latest Auslandish series, as well as the Wrapped series. 


I have been hesitant to indulge in any medium requiring intense color use, for the majority of my schooling and career. Recently I found myself toying with professional use markers. I started with sketches from sits in the Conservatory, and slowly began to experiment with more complex color blending and layering. 

This led to an large scale concept using between 100-120 different markers. 

I had a vision to put a potted healing plant in the center of a natural wild environment. The plant is technically in the wilderness, but not it's natural environment, and is domesticated. 

I have spent close to 120 hours on this piece, and am looking forward to it's completion and what it will lead me to next. 

live sketch from St. Paul  Como Conservatory. 

live sketch from St. Paul  Como Conservatory. 


It was a sincere honor to be able to attend the opening night of the National Juried Exhibition: Fusion,  at ARC Gallery in San Francisco!  



I am pleased to announce, 'Affection' has been chosen to debut in San Francisco, at ARC Gallery  during May and June, for their 'Fusion' National Juried Art Show!! 



Had the privilege of doing a commission cover art piece for the Minneapolis City Pages. A publication I have enjoyed for a while now! 



For all of April I have had a show up at Bull Run Coffee Bar in Minneapolis, MN. It was a series of 8 pieces documenting the previous summer/fall with a fantastical twist, meant to preserve both the events and the feelings attached to them. It was a huge hit. I sold out within 48 hours and have an equal number of commissions added to the pile. I look forward to generating another series for Art- a -Whirl in the next few weeks! 

Matisse and his Jazz

I had the privilege of visiting the wonderful Minneapolis Institute of Art, and their current Matisse exhibit. 

They had an amazing treat which was the entire book of Jazz, created by Matisse spread between multiple walls.

I needed his words. I needed his succinct wisdom, which awoke so much thought and thirst for art, for a community of artist, and most of all for creating.

His words,

" HAPPINESS. Derive happiness in oneself from a good day's work, from illuminating the fog that surrounds us. Think that all of those who have succeeded, where they remembered the difficulties  of their beginnings, cry with conviction:  

" Those were the good days."

Because for most people: success = prison , and an artist should never be a prisoner. Prisoner? An artist should never be: prisoner of himself, prisoner of a style, prisoner of a reputation, prisoner of success, etc. Did not the Goncourt's write that the artists of the great age of Japanese art changed names many times during their careers? I like that: they wanted to safeguard their freedom. "


Home, for me, is as unattainable as a perfect lover. The concept itself hides, veiled deep in hopes and dreams- a shillouetted form, impossible to construct in detail, and never reachable. To generate physical space that would allow me to feel anchored to as my 'from'- it seems to be a mirage.

Physical beings have a physical origin. What happens when you are born within the ellipses- a non space? 

Place of origin is sacred and meant to explain a wide degree of who we fundementally are. It can and usually does define our cultural default settings. Origin is the place that understands us and a space that accepts us on grounds as simple and as unbreakable as being 'from' it.

Land is an extremely powerful human bond.

It gives cause for war and unites people. 

In our ever changing human geography the entire concept of 'from' has become far more complex.

From is losing its ability to be defined.

I was born 'displaced'. Born in Vienna, Austria as an American citizen, to non-profit working parents, I lived among and was raised along side refugees (forcibly displaced people) from the entire world. 

We shared changing tables and went to the same child care, sang the same songs, we were living a shared life, as displaced people in a society that did not welcome us. The space we knew as home was telling us to go home; it refused to be our 'from'. 

If it is not where you are, if it is not where you are born, the value of physical space as a part of our identity begins to be redefined. 

For years I found myself trapped, hurt that I could not answer the question of home. It hit a chord so deep. I felt like an instrument missing a string of my identity, and the chord was incomplete. The songs were incomplete.

It was a fracture I could not shake or reconcile. 

20 something years too late, I was introduced to Alain de Botton's book The Architecture of Happiness' . In his writing he spoke of home, of buildings as things that draw out the good in us. That there was such a thing as physical space that draws us to itself- and even more so, asked us to engage our deeper selves.  

I fell in love with architectural design. I fell in love with context. I found freedom in the beauty and potential of buildings and space. There is life that can exist in structure and land, and it is silently more powerful and flows deeper than human borders and legal documents.

It is the structures and the natural scapes that have lasted through time keeping our secrets, our photos, our memories, our thoughts, our whispers, our glances, and our shouts. 

When asked, I felt conceptually homeless. As an adult I have recognized that I took pieces of physical places and my moments, and I quilted them into a capsule of memories spread around the world. This widely spread physical space holds my story, my home.

This home has anchored me and shaped my worldview, my friendships, my life trajectory, and my art.                

My from:

It is in the survived downtown of Vienna, the uncomfortable blue seats of the Badner Bahn, the van I passengered through the southern savannah of Kenya. It is in the sun filled compound of Bangalore, and the cobble streets of Malta, the Greenway of Minneapolis, the small corner cafe where I met my friend family, the corn fields of Indiana, the cliffs of Tijuana, and the Jungle north of Hato Mayor in the Dominican.

It is in the places that defined me, that became parts of my story and my anchors. 

My home keeps growing. 


In 2013 Lisa Albinson & I, started an artist collective out of our home in Minneapolis. Inspired by Gertrude Stein's legendary Salon (27 rue de fleures) in the 1930s, we hand selected a variety of visual artists and writers to generate an exclusive, art-focused community. 

Gertrude, the genius that she was, recognized incredible talent, and created space for artists whose work is frequently done in isolation to find community. She corralled Picasso, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Matisse, etc into her midst and they together chiseled one another into greatness. 

Now a year old, we are running strong, chiseling one another to be the best artists we can be. 



What the who is INVERTED?

Three years ago I began working with a non-profit called Inverted Arts ( 

The organization as a whole is young, but doing incredible work both locally, in Minneapolis & globally (Mexico, Dominican Republic, Kenya, etc.) . Their goal is to empower youth to tell their story through art. 

I have had the opportunity to teach photography, printmaking, and drawing in a variety of formats, and will be continuing to increase my work with Inverted Arts in this upcoming year. 

In February I will follow up with the program I was able to start in Mexico, and work to help them generate a business to sell the work they have been creating. The hope is the money they make will allow the youth to go to university.