In this newest series, I am focused on the female midsection. My method and medium is a 30 second-or-less series of graphite or pen drawings directly post shower.  

I want to draw the body at its' most physically clean state.

I try to draw what I see, and inevitably find my own shame, pride, honesty, and/or disillusionment filtering through my fingers and presenting headless self portraits. 

This is a series unlike anything I have done. It is openly vulnerable, in a way I have never dared to be.

I come from a Christian background and the body, body image, and sexuality, has been treated with so much shame and silence. 

I studied at a private christian university where we were not allowed to study the nude body. If we wanted to study technical figure drawings with nude models we had to go over an hour away and pay for another university's lessons. Which led to my initial begin to this project- in order to enhance my technical skills I knew I needed to familiarize myself with the human form, however, it quickly became more than a technical education. 

I have found myself trying to grow out of this shameful perspective, especially as I have watched my female and male friends wrestle with their own body image, and sexuality. My experiences have been that in the secular realm, though there may be more ease in open conversation, there is still a lot of misconception and pain- especially towards the female form. 

The body is messy, beautiful, and powerful. 

This is only the beginning of this conceptual and visual exploration of feminism, religious approach to the raw human, and personal body image perception. 

Sarah AlbinsonComment