Auslandish Company

Est. in 2016

photo by Dane Pederson

photo by Dane Pederson


Sarah Nelson is a visual artist based out of St. Paul, MN.

Her work highlights arduous detail, and extensive color layering. She invites the viewer to come in closer, creating intimacy between her colors, pen work and her audience. 

Sarah has exhibited work throughout the USA, and has taught a variety of workshops with Inverted Arts,  an international and local non-profit art program working with youth.  

In 2016, Sarah started Auslandish Company as a way to generate a more accessible platform for her work. Through Auslandish, Sarah has created partnerships with a wide range of businesses, artists, and artisans, creating a variety of products and illustrations. 

Commissions and collaborations have included illustrations for the Corner Table, the City Pages, Live Painting events, Dead Man Winter, and has works in private collections around the world. 

Sarah Nelson is currently working on her upcoming solo exhibition, 'INOPIA', on display November 2017- January 2018.