About Sarah Nelson

Photography courtesy of the Dane Pedersen.

Sarah Nelsonโ€™s work highlights arduous detail, and extensive color layering. Primarily working with pen and markers, she encourages the viewer to come closer, inviting intimacy between her subject matter and the viewer.

Sarah concentrates on environmental concerns, ranging from endangered species, pollinators, symbiotic relationships between species, to the interconnectivity of ecosystems. She is passionate about research and uses what she learns to inform her work.

Using drawing methods that communicate both realistically and conceptually Sarah works to preserve the anatomical accuracy of the species and environment, and to encourage curiosity and greater care for our environment.

Sarah is the current Artist-In-Residence for the University of St Thomasโ€™ Sustainable Communities Partnership (SCP) Arts Program. This includes turning student research into visual works that are more accessible to the general public and useful to SCP partners. The most recent example is a fully illustrated interior and exterior Green Line light rail wrap for Metro Transitโ€™s 2019 Earth Week Celebration.

Sarah has also been accepted into the Arctic Circle Artist and Scientist Residency program for the June 2020 expedition. She will be working alongside and collaborating with international artists and scientists at the Arctic circle on a barquentine sailing vessel throughout all of June 2020.

Other in-process work features human impact on oceanic ecosystems, especially the coral reef and plastic waste in our oceans.