Earth Week 2019 // The Great Collaboration

For Earth Week 2019, I had the honor of teaming up with Metro Transit, and the University of St Thomas’ SCP Arts, Department of Justice and Peace Studies, and the College of Arts and Science’s SOLV Initiative!

Together we have made an interior and exterior train wrap possible.

It will be installed and on display running on the Green Line from April 21st-27th.

Illustrator and Art Director: Sarah Nelson (Artist, and SCP Art’s Artist-In-Residence)

Layout: Elissa Erickson (Metro Transit)

Coordinators of Partnerships and Logistics: Kelly Morrell (Metro Transit) and Maria Dahmus (Director of SCP Arts at the University of St. Thomas)

Investors: Metro Transit, SOLV Initiative, and SCP Arts


In partnership with SCP Arts and the Department of Justice and Peace Studies’ Leadership for Social Justice course at the University of St Thomas, Metro Transit collaborated with students to collect the rich stories of transit riders. These stories have been published in their book, Transit Transformations.

Students worked on the book cover art with SCP Artist- In- Residence Sarah Nelson. They felt the life cycle of the monarch butterfly was the best metaphor for the transformative effect public transport can have on communities.


In partnership with Metro Transit, SCP Arts, and the College of Arts and Sciences SOLV Initiative, at the University of St Thomas, local artist Sarah Nelson created an Earth Day Celebration Illustration.

The interior depicts Minnesota animals enjoying the outdoors and our wonderful cities. It is meant to remind us of our relationship to our natural environment and to inspire joy. It is detailed. It is fun.

The interior illustrations transition between the four seasons and through a full day cycle.